Alternative Treatments For Epilepsy

Epilepsy can cause seizures and that can happen as rarely as once per year, or as often as many per day. They’re frightening and debilitating and can strike fear into even the strongest personality. Doctors typically prescribe anti-seizure medications and these can have a myriad of side effects. Many patients are turning to alternative treatments for epilepsy and finding great results. Here are some of the alternative treatments that they’re using.


In biofeedback, patients are learning how to use imagery and relaxation to deal with the sensation that a seizure is about to come on. They learn how to manipulate their breathing, their heart rate, and their blood pressure. By managing all of this they can maintain their level of comfort and if done soon enough, they may be able to avoid a seizure.


The medications that doctors prescribe for epilepsy can leach important vitamins out of the body. For this reason, one alternative therapy is to increase the intake of folic acid and Vitamin D. Although research is still out on this therapy, it certainly can’t help to take a daily multivitamin and focus on eating a healthy diet that provides the body with all of the necessary nutrients.

Cannabidiol Oil

While controversial in many circles, many parents are turning to Cannabidiol Oil to treat their epileptic children, and it appears that it’s showing quite a bit of promise. Parents are giving their children a few drops of Cannabidiol Oil per day and according to these parents, their children are faring far better than they did when they were on mainstream medications. The medical field is divided on this therapy and there is ongoing research trying to determine if it truly works, or if the parents just think it works.┬áNew studies show that cbd gummy can help in treating some health
conditions like Epilepsy. There are other alternative treatments for epilepsy that appear to show promise as well.